WS Audiology designs, develops and manufacture hearing instruments for distribution by independent, credentialed, licensed hearing health care professionals who provide service and support for hearing impaired consumers in compliance with all applicable regulations and law.

Our hearing instruments are medical devices and are not consumer electronic devices.

Our products and the support of our products require professional face-to-face in-person fitting and follow-up. Our products are not designed for, nor intended for delivery to hearing impaired consumers where the consumer is unable to benefit from professional face-to-face in-person fitting and support.

At our sole discretion and determination, WS Audiology reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel orders for our hearing instruments from individuals whose businesses we believe does not or cannot themselves provide professional face-to-face in-person fitting and support to the hearing impaired consumer or take sufficient measures to ensure that the hearing impaired consumer will ultimately receive a professional face-to-face in-person fitting. WS Audiology will independently and unilaterally determine whether this fitting and support requirement is offered and/or provided.

We believe that hearing health care professionals are an integral part of the appropriate selection of, delivery of, and satisfaction with our hearing instruments because they can provide many benefits to hearing impaired consumers. For example, hearing health care professionals provide:

  • Expert technical understanding of our products to the consumer
  • Professional individualised fitting based upon the individual consumer need
  • Access to and use of our proprietary professional software fitting systems
  • Professional knowledge of hearing loss and hearing rehabilitation
  • Many other value added services and support

These guidelines may be modified, suspended or discontinued at any time and at WS Audiology’s sole discretion.

Questions or comments regarding these purchase and distribution guidelines must be set forth in writing and sent to:

WS Audiology ANZ Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 1950
Milton QLD 4064

Ph: 1300 787 797