The New Motion Charge&Go Nx is the ultimate BTE solution combining high performance audiology and Bluetooth connectivity, with the convenience of lithium-ion rechargeability.


Hearing aid management made easy

No more changing fiddley batteries! If you would like to offer your clients a hearing aid that is easy to manage, yet does not compromise on performance, then consider Motion Charge&Go. Its ultra-reliable, inductively-charged BTE design makes management as simple as “Charge & Go”.

Charge – At the end of the day simply place the devices into the inductive charger (no need to line up battery contacts) and they will be fully charged in 4 hours.


Go – In the morning, simply remove the devices from the charger and put them in (the devices automatically turn on) and enjoy up to 19 hours of high-performance hearing.

Other Benefits for Wearers:

  • Signia’s Ultra HD e2e full and continuous ear-to-ear link powers industry-leading features such as Narrow Directionality and Own Voice Processing delivering exceptional speech clarity with the most natural sounding experience
  • Direct Bluetooth connectivity for effortless and high-quality enjoyment of TV, music and phone calls

Key Information

  • Available in the performance levels 7Nx, 5Nx and 3Nx
  • Powered by Signia Nx delivering superior wireless binaural processing and Made for iPhone direct streaming
  • Lithium-ion rechargeability supporting easy to manage inductive charger
  • Earhook (small and standard) and thintube compatibility
  • Requires Connexx 8.5.15 version (or later) and programmed with NoahLink wireless only
  • Compatible with minipocket, Streamline TV, Streamline Mic
  • CROS / BiCROS compatibility using CROS Pure 312 Nx

Please note: Motion Charge&Go hero colour (dark champagne / black) is not available for purchase until January 2019.