Many wearers prefer discreet hearing aids, but do not want to sacrifice other valuable features like Bluetooth connectivity. Now, with the new Insio ITC and ITE, Signia offers a discreet hearing solution combined with the most natural hearing experience and Bluetooth connectivity.


Custom technology takes on a new level of sophistication

The new Insio ITE and ITC give wearers the opportunity to enjoy the full benefits of the latest hearing technology, including Bluetooth audiostreaming, in an ultra-discreet solution. Not only highly attractive to first time hearing aid wearers, existing custom wearers can upgrade and enjoy both the sound quality and convenience benefits of discreet audio-streaming!

Other Benefits for Wearers:

The new Insio ITC and ITE provide our wearers with:

  • Effortless and high-quality enjoyment of TV, music and phone calls via direct Bluetooth connectivity thanks to the tiny Bluetooth antenna fully integrated into the faceplate.
  • Signia’s Ultra HD e2e full and continuous ear-to-ear link powers industry-leading features such as Narrow Directionality delivering exceptional speech clarity with the most natural sounding experience.

Key Information 

  • Available in the performance levels 7Nx, 5Nx and 3Nx
  • Powered by Signia Nx delivering superior wireless binaural processing and Made for iPhone direct streaming
  • Directional microphone and push button as standard (no option for physical VC)
  • 312 battery as standard (matrix options: ITE (118/55, 124/65) & ITC (113/50, 118/55, 124/65)
  • Requires Connexx 8.5.15 version (or later) and programmed with NoahLink wireless or Flex Strip (HiPro or NoahLink)
  • Compatible with minipocket, Streamline TV, Streamline Mic
  • Please note the CROS/BiCROS compatibility of Insio Nx models:
    • Insio Nx ITC/ITE are compatible with CROS Pure 312 Nx
    • Insio Nx CIC/IIC are compatible with CROS Silk Nx