Workflow Tools: soundDemo Toolkit

soundDemo Toolkit - streamline your fitting workflow

Save time and reduce costs throughout the fitting process with our soundDemo Toolkit for Hearing Care Professionals.

It consists of three components: soundDemo Videos, soundDemo Suite and soundDemo Hearing Aids. Together, they support your acquisition activities during the awareness, orientation, fitting and purchase phases of your customer.

soundDemo Videos

To help your customers with hearing difficulties understand how hearing aids can improve their quality of life, soundDemo Videos demonstrate the benefits of primax features and programs in a way that’s easy to understand – whether the consumer is new to hearing aids or already a wearer. Ideal for use before and during the consultation process, these five videos use sound recordings taken directly from hearing aids to demonstrate the “before and after” effect of the various primax features. The result is an authentic listening experience that leads to greater awareness and acceptance of primax hearing aids.




soundDemo Suite

With soundDemo Suite, various hearing situations can be shown that clearly demonstrate the features of our new primax hearing aids. Speech, music and background sounds are played via a DVD and 5.1 surround sound system that can be set up in your shop. Using various situations, soundDemo Suite lets your client experience the sound quality as features are automatically switched on and off remotely in the hearing aids, for example while driving, in a restaurant or listening to music.

soundDemo Hearing Aids

These hearing aids are not available for sale and intended exclusively for your use during fitting and home trials.


Based on primax hearing aids, all soundDemo Hearing Aids can be configured as 7px, 5px or 3px instruments, thus reducing your stock complexity. They are available as RIC and BTE models and are equipped with timers that can be adjusted for home trials of one to six weeks. At the end of the trial period, a repeating signal is heard reminding your customer to return the trial hearing aid, making sure they both will find their way back to you. soundDemo Hearing Aids function the same way as normal primax hearing aids, also allowing the wearer to try out accessories.

Of course you can also find all relevant information on our website:https://www.signia-pro.co.nz/sounddemo/

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