Tinnitus therapy: ocean wave

What could be more relaxing than the sound of the seaside? Inspired by the tranquil sound of the sea lapping against the shore, our ocean wave tinnitus therapy signals replicate the relaxing feeling of being on a beach.

Ocean wave therapy signals mimic the sound of the sea to provide a positive, soothing, and stress-relieving listening experience. In Connexx, you can choose from four fluctuating signals. One of the four versions, “Paradise Beach,” was optimised by the world-renowned specialist in tinnitus therapy Prof. Pawell J. Jastreboff, Visiting Professor at University College London.

One device, double the benefit: better hearing and more relaxation

With three integrated strategies against tinnitus – Notch Therapy, ocean wave and static noise – Signia hearing aids are ideal for hard of hearing people with tinnitus, as well as for people with tinnitus but no hearing loss.

Via Connexx, the tinnitus therapies can be adapted individually and used in different hearing aid programs. Depending on the current hearing situation and the strength of the tinnitus, the user can then select the preferred therapy option via the touchControl smartphone app (for iOS and Android) and, for example, adjust the volume of the fluctuating or static sounds.

The hearing aid wearer can activate our unique Notch Therapy during the day in a normal sound environment in order to be able to concentrate on work. In the evening, perhaps when reading a book in quiet surroundings, the ocean wave signals can bring about the desired relaxation.