The sound of power.

People with severe to profound hearing loss can only use BTE hearing aids? Not anymore, thanks to the super strong Signia Power Range. This new range delivers a unique combination of versatility and strength to fulfill all your customers’ power wishes. Our range of smaller than ever BTEs and discreet rechargeable RICs in the power segment are fully featured and pack the punch to help you offer a new world of choice to your customers.

The Power Range advantages at a glance:

  • Maximum amplification for severe to the most profound hearing loss
  • Superb speech intelligibility
  • Fully featured
  • Wireless connectivity for audio streaming and remote control
  • TeleCare ready for quick, successful fittings and trials

Choices across a wide spectrum.

The Power Range rewrites the rulebook on what people with severe to profound hearing loss can expect from hearing aids: you can now offer them a choice between the inconspicuous Carat™ or the inductively charged Cellion™ RICs, as well as the versatile Motion™ P and the super power Motion SP BTEs. All of these state-of-the-art hearing aids are equipped with primax™ technology for outstanding sound.

Compatible with a variety of accessories, they’re also TeleCare ready for smoother, more convenient fittings – check out the TeleCare section of our website to see what this revolutionary solution can do for you and your customers.