TeleCare: All your customers can experience the benefits.

Many advantages of the revolutionary TeleCare solution have been examined on this blog recently. In our final article in this series, we focus on the universal benefit of TeleCare that makes it an ideal tool to integrate into your workflow for every customer getting accustomed to new hearing aids.

TeleCare is an ideal application for all your customers as it works with all Signia hearing aids and is optimised for Signia primax products. While remote tuning is exclusive to primax models, many of the features work with any hearing aid, such as the listening exercises, daily feedback and the CareChat communication between you and your customers.

What’s more, for customers who do not wish to use a smartphone, a paper-based version of the MyHearing App is also available, guiding them through the listening exercises and asking for feedback on their experience. This means that they too can provide you with an accurate overview of their experiences in between appointments, making it easier for you to guide them through a smooth and satisfying acclimatisation period.

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