For the most natural sound experience: Styletto Connect powered by proven Signia Nx platform

The new Styletto Connect from Signia offers the ideal combination of style and substance. This unique SLIM-RIC form factor works on the acclaimed Signia Nx platform with Own Voice Processing (OVP) for the most natural hearing experience.

While a stylish appearance can set a hearing aid apart, its functionality is just as important. Without high-tech performance to make it a worthwhile tool, a hearing aid misses its purpose. For this reason, many hearing aids have foregone beauty in favour of practicality.

With cutting-edge audiological technology, Signia has combined both exceptional style and highest performance. Styletto Connect attracts hearing solution wearers and potential new clients not only with its aesthetic appeal. It backs up this initial interest with connectivity, convenient handling, and the most natural hearing experience because of it’s speech recognition systems. For people with hearing loss, this trend-setting hearing aid offers the freedom of self-expression without forfeiting their ability to hear clearly.

Performance is at the core of great design

In terms of performance, Styletto Connect works on the acclaimed Signia Nx platform. This means wearers get the same clear sound and reliable Bluetooth functionality as with all Signia’s latest Li-ion rechargeable hearing aids. But the Styletto Connect is also coupled with exceptional design! The instantly recognisable look of Styletto Connect accentuates its efficiency. The lithium-ion battery inside is pin-shaped, allowing the hearing aid to take on a more aesthetically pleasing look. Its style makes it an attractive accessory, but it’s a piece of high-tech hearwear, not jewelry. To benefit people with hearing loss, it needs to give them a clear, natural sound.

Powered by the proven Signia Nx platform, Styletto provides Own Voice Processing (OVP) for the most natural-sounding own voice and the most advanced soundscape processing. That  superior speech recognition technology is a great benefit for understanding speech in noise. Both aspects are important because the voices of others and our own voice need to sound as clear and natural as possible. This helps to encourage communication and prevent social isolation due to hearing loss.

Our Ultra HD e2e binaural link enables both these processes. It supports beam-forming technology to create a precise scanning beam that identifies the individual sound path of the wearer’s voice as it travels to the hearing aids. In this way, Ultra HDe2e enables instantaneous and continuous dynamic own voice detection. This technology also offers patented dual processing of the own voice and the remaining soundscape.

Satisfaction through speech understanding in noise

Styletto Connect comes equipped with some of the best speech processing technology available. This provides its wearers with clear speech recognition and a natural hearing experience in all situations, also if there are loud background noise. Even the loudest, to better comprehend their conversation partners.

Special algorithms enable the most precise spatial awareness. Styletto wearers get an uncompromised spatially open experience with all the benefits of directionality. And the extended dynamic range with 113dB maximum input delivers excellent signal quality in loud environments. The whole system is steered by Signia’s unique classifier which ensures OVP and soundscape processing work in perfect harmony to replicate the experience of natural hearing.

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