What apps can I recommend to my customers?


There are some really good mobile hearing apps on the market that focus on hearing loss and hearing aids. We’ve compiled a list of the best apps that you can recommend to your customers which will advise and assist them but which are no replacement for an advanced hearing aid.

1. Captionfish: Hearing Loss App

This is a brilliant app for those who are interested in movies. This app assists you in finding subtitled and captioned movies playing near you. It will also provide you details on whether the movie is rear-window captioned (the text is on the seat in front of you), open-captioned (the text is on the screen), or closed captioned (a specific special system). This is a streamlined hearing loss app that will allow you to source accessible movies up to 60 miles away. The app will display synopses, movie times, and theatre locations at your demand, providing you with all the information you need to have a fantastic night out. This app can even stream captioned movie trailers too!

2. Signia myControl App

This excellent app acts as a relay-less remote control for easy and quick personalisation and adjustments. It’s the only app to offer 360 degree microphone steering. Your customers can adjust volume and program power on delay, system sounds, low battery intervals, and flight mode. This industry-leading app, created by Signia, also relays smartphone motion sensor data to deliver the best possible hearing while the user is on the move. This results in safety and relaxation throughout the day. An extra bonus comes in the form of the brilliant TeleLink acoustic connectivity system from Signia which allows consumers to benefit from the myControl App when various wireless systems can’t be used, for example during flights.

3. TooLoud?: Hearing Loss App

We are all aware of the danger that excessive loud noises and loud environments can bring to our hearing. However, sometimes, we are not aware when those places are actually too loud. This app can analyse the sounds in any space, and let the user know right away whether they are putting their ears at risk. A graph presents live data with updates on the noise level, helping the user find the best area to settle. It can also alert you if you are in an excessively loud and dangerous area with a warning. This is a really useful app.

4. Signia myHearing App

This is the perfect companion to those with new Signia hearing aids. It’s a virtual home visit that’s available to all those with Android or iOS devices via the myHearing App. This app can guide users through the trial process, address wearing issues, and result in a shorter acclimatisation period.

5. Purple Communications VRS: Hearing Loss App

This is a brilliant app for those who are hard of hearing and people with complete hearing loss. It helps individuals make voice phone calls with American Sign Language. With the use of a video phone, a user can simply perform sign language to an interpreter who is qualified, who would then speak to whomever that person has called. The response is then relayed to you via sign language from the interpreter. This app allows you to have a quick conversation and use facial expressions.

These are some of the great apps that you can recommend to your customers. Whilst these apps can provide useful advice and assistance for those who suffer from hearing loss, no hearing aid app can be a replacement for a modern, sleek, and technologically advanced hearing aid, just like the ones brought to you by Signia.