Signia Nx with OVP is now also available for profound hearing loss

Signia’s sleek Motion 13P Nx hearing aid broadens the premier hearing aid platform Signia Nx with Own Voice Processing (OVP™) to also cover severe to profound hearing loss. Since the launch of Signia Nx in the Fall of 2017, OVP™ has given hearing aid wearers the confidence to hear as nature intended by processing their voice completely independently from all other sounds and voices. OVP™ improves spontaneous acceptance of own voice by 80% of dissatisfied wearers.*

Motion 13P Nx now delivers this most natural own voice with the versatility of a power BTE. Its increased high frequency amplification provides the best speech understanding in noise for people with severe to profound hearing loss.

Signia’s most modern power BTE also offers full Bluetooth connectivity with an optional modular T-Coil integrated in the battery door. This means that wearers can enjoy high quality stereo streaming of TV audio, music, and phone calls as well as understanding speech clearly in challenging acoustic environments such as large meetings or conferences.

And with Signia TeleCare, wearers of Motion 13P Nx enjoy full live remote support for a faster, smoother trial period after the personal first fitting.

* 2017 “OVP Study” conducted at University of Northern Colorado examining the effect of Own Voice Processing on spontaneous acceptance after first fit of hearing aids. Further details: www.signia-pro.com/ovp-study.