What are own voice problems?

Do your patients complain about the sound of their own voice? Here’s why.

As hearing care professionals, we strive to provide hearing aid users with sound quality that replicates what nature intended. Modern technology has delivered improvements in natural sound overall, but every hearing aid wearer still experiences a change in the sound of their own voice. In fact, many clients are forced to accept that they will never be completely satisfied with their own voice.

Identifying the cause of own voice issues is not always straightforward. If the wrong steps are taken to resolve the issue, the hearing aid benefits will likely be reduced.

There are two distinct reasons for own voice issues. One of them is called the occlusion effect—an increase in loudness of the wearer’s own voice when the ear canal is blocked by a closed-fit hearing aid. The second reason for own voice issues is caused by the hearing aid’s output which can create an unnatural own voice perception.

Have you considered the cause of your clients’ own voice issues and the potential disadvantages of current fitting approaches? Watch out for the next blog in our series to find out more.