Solving the ear wax challenge

The unique flexibility of Insio primax CIC hearing aids from Signia goes beyond their new exchangeable battery door that can double up as a push button. The small custom devices with binaural OneMic directionality for better comprehension in difficult listening situations now also feature an exchangeable microphone protection, which you can change easily in a matter of minutes.

This means that your customers no longer have to wait days for their hearing aids to be repaired – you can make sure they leave your practice happily wearing their familiar hearing aids with new microphone protection for the best possible sound.

All-round protection for peace of mind

Coupled with the industry-leading HF4 Pro wax guard filter for the receiver outlet that comes as standard with all Signia custom hearing aids, we offer the premium ear wax solution for ITEs. The filter – at the opposite end of the hearing aid to the microphone – doubles the time between changing filters and, just like the new exchangeable microphone protection, significantly reduces the need for lengthy repairs.

The end result is that you have to spend less time fixing your customers’ clogged up hearing aids while they experience a new level of peace of mind, knowing that ear wax is no longer the big issue it used to be.