Smaller than ever for the best fit

At Signia, we draw on 50 years’ experience in engineering and innovating custom hearing aids. And the process never stops: our Custom Range of Insio primax™ models is smaller than ever to sit even deeper in the ear.

At the same time, these tiny marvels offer enhanced functionality such as e2e wireless 3.0. Our miniaturisation expertise not only boosts fitting rates, it also ensures the highest discretion for your discerning customers. So how did we achieve this?

Engineering the future

The fully-featured compact design of the Signia Custom Range was made possible by re-engineering the receiver. Our audiology experts introduced a ferrite plate to shield individual components from interference, enabling them to position each interior component optimally. The receiver itself is now positioned differently so that thanks to the patented wireless coil, even our CICs can be equipped with e2e wireless 3.0 and, for the first time ever, exchange full audio data.

All Insio primax models, from ITEs down to even the tiniest IICs, can be controlled remotely via the touchControl App. The easyTek and easyTek App further enhance the wireless connectivity options of most Insio primax models.

Find out more about the Insio primax range in the Product Portfolio section of our website.

Stay tuned to find out how we tackle the biggest challenge for all manufacturers of custom hearing aids to deliver better reliability.